pros united

The perfect combination of strategic, creative, and operational professionals

CoCreatify is a collaboration of product and design experts - all professionals in their fields with years of experience at an international level.


Our lean structure enables us to solve complex tasks quickly and precisely.


We stand for creativity, trust, openness, and reliability.

Our mission

Revolutionizing the product creation process

Our passion is the driving force behind everything we do.


We aspire not only to create products that are useful, but also those that tell stories and evoke emotions.


We believe that true innovation arises from the fusion of functionality and emotionality.


We are ready to initiate change and venture into unknown territory to explore the boundaries of what is possible.


Our determination and commitment go far beyond the ordinary.


We are willing to go the extra mile to discover and fulfill the needs of the customers of the future.


For us, this is not just a task, but a passion that drives us every day to make the impossible possible.


We believe that this is revolutionary.

"I skate to where the puck is going to be,

not where it has been."


Wayne Gretzky

our team

An all-star team that takes your business to the next level

reinhard schitter

Mastermind behind CoCreatify

Over my 25-year career, I've had the privilege of assuming various roles throughout the entire product development process, from idea conception to the finished product. This experience has given me insights into the diverse challenges within the product development cycle and what it takes to successfully bring an idea to fruition.


I am eager to share this knowledge.


Throughout the past 25 years, I've had the opportunity to build a vast network of producers, designers, and experts from the industry, marketing, and sales fields.

This led to an inner desire to make more out of these connections and to make this professional network available to others.


With CoCreatify, I have realized this ambition.


My core responsibilities: 

  • Customer care
  • Expert in product, innovation, organizational, and business development


sabine pöckl

Organisational talent and inquisitiveness

I have been an enthusiastic sports scientist for 20 years. In addition to my research work at the university and as an entrepreneur in the field of training therapy, I have also spent several years in a large marketing agency.


Through my work as a sports scientist and training therapist, I understand the importance of not focusing on the symptoms but always seeking the cause in order to achieve sustainable changes or improvements. This often means trying new - sometimes unconventional - approaches to reach a goal.


In my role as a project manager at a marketing agency, I had the opportunity to work on large international campaigns - here, I could unleash my creative flair and love for organization ;-)


I know what it means to successfully complete complex projects on time and within budget. I would like to bring this ability for structured and interconnected thinking to the table.


Core responsibilities:

  • Project management
  • Scientific consulting

pros united

The expert network

The following partners are part of our network:


  • Apparel & Footwear Designers
  • Product & Industrial Designers
  • 3D Designers
  • Web & Graphic Designers