growth through innovation

we revolutionize the product creation process and make your products unique

It's about your Brand.


It's about your Products.


It's about your Team.


It's about innovative ideas.


And it's about successfully linking all these components in a process.


This creation process, from idea to finished product, is called i2P and provides you with the decisive competitive advantage to create desirable products that fascinates your target audience.

our offer

The building blocks that make your company grow.

Benefit from 25 years of experience in all areas of the product development process.

Brand foundation

and product


Recognize the potential of your brand.

Let your products become ambassadors of your brand promise.

Captivate your target audience.

Become the 

innovation pioneer

in your industry

Standing still means moving backward - innovation is the engine for sustainable growth.

Let's together explore new paths.


Create desirable


Design isn't just about creating visually appealing products - it's primarily about making the uniqueness of your brand tangible for your target audience.


Achieve better 

results with 

less resistance

Employees are the most valuable asset of any company.

With the right culture, you ensure that everyone pulls together and becomes part of the success.

About us

Strategic planning, creative conceptualization, and operational efficiency work hand in hand.

CoCreatify is a collaboration of product and design experts - all professionals in their fields with extensive experience at the international level.




Our lean structure enables us to solve complex tasks quickly and accurately.


We stand for creativity, trust, openness, and reliability.


Our mission - to make your company fit for the challenges of the future!

our process

The 3-step process from idea to finished product

"Creativity is connecting things together."


Steve Jobs

Strategic foresight, creative solutions, and operational efficiency define us.


Collaborate to  create innovative solutions and amplifying extisting potentials is our promise.



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